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We receive many emails, messages, and phone calls about commonly asked questions. Please see the FAQ below to answer these questions BEFORE you contact us. Any questions covered in this FAQ will NOT receive a response via email or message.




Q: I need a replacement part for one of your products. How do I get one?

A: We have part packs available for multiple products on our online store.


Q: What is covered in your 90-day limited warranty?

A: Our warranty covers manufacturer defects. The warranty does not cover damage(s) that are caused by user error/misuse/negligence.


Q: When does <product> come out/ship?

A: If there isn't a date provided, we do not have that information available.


Q: Is Sub Ohm Innovations going to make/making <product>?

A: If we haven't released any information, we do not have any information available.


Q: How do I get sponsored by Sub Ohm Innovations?

A: There isn't a right answer for this. Sponsorship is based on many factors and, if interested, we reach out to those we would like to sponsor.


Q: Will you please contact me when <product> is back in stock?

A: Unfortunately, we do not have the time to respond to this type of e-mail. If the item is not in stock please check back frequently to see if the item is back in stock. 




Q: What is the diameter of the SZX Competition Mod and ShortyX?

A: 25mm


Q: What size battery does the SZX Competition Mod and ShortyX use?

A: Both versions of the device utilize a single 18650 battery.


Q: What batteries are good for the SZX Competition Mod and ShortyX?

A: We always advise using high drain 18650 batteries that do not have damage to the casing or structure of the cell.


Q: My SZX Competition Mod or ShortyX isn't performing the same anymore. Why?

A: This issue arises when cleaning needs to take place. Try giving it a thorough cleaning. Users report a short bath in an ultrasonic machine fixed their issue immediately.


Q: Why do you recommend putting my battery in "upside down"?
A: A mechanical mod doesn't know which way the battery is facing. We recommend putting the battery in positive side down because we designed our device to have a better connection that way. Batteries vent through the positive side. Since venting happens in the bottom of the SZX Competition Mod and ShortyX, it only makes sense to place positive side down to allow the device to vent more efficiently in the event of battery failure.




Q: How do I setup a wholesale account?

A: Please create a wholesale account, and once that is done email for further instructions. 



If your question was not answered in this FAQ: Please use the contact form below to send us an email. If you have a question about shipping please review our "Shipping Policy" on the Terms and Conditions page before contacting us. 


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